Frequently Asked Questions

BioASQ initiates a series of challenges on biomedical semantic indexing and question answering (QA).
The first challenge took place in 2013 and comprised two tasks (Task 1a and Task1b), designed to (a) adapt traditional semantic indexing and QA methods to the needs of biomedical experts, and (b) collect feedback and improve the experimental setting itself. A large computational infrastructure, already available to the consortium, has been used to evaluate competing systems. The required datasets and evaluation measures had been established before the challenge. Biomedical experts have participate in the consortium, both as partners and through a supporting network of third parties. At the end of the challenge, winners have been announced and a BioASQ workshop, collocated with CLEF 2013, has been held
BioASQ is currently organising a second challenge comprising similar tasks (Task 2a and Task 2b). 

Participation to the Bioasq Challenge is open to academia and industry (interest expressed by Microsoft Research, Yahoo!, Xerox and others). The participants should have diverse and multi-disciplinary background in fields like bioinformatics, medical informatics, information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, text mining.

Check the Bioasq Schedule page.

In case you are interested in participating, note that joining time is quite flexible for both tasks.

There are no test data for now, but we plan to provide a few test sets in the near future. Bookmark the Bioasq Data page and look again in a few days.

The challenge is organized in the context of the BioASQ project. BioASQ is a Support Action funded under the European Commission FP7 ICT Work Programme, within the Intelligent Information Management objective (ICT- 2011.4.4(d)). The partners of the projects can be found here.

A workshop, collocated with CLEF 2013, has been organized, where the participants have presented their work and results. The workshop took place in September 27, 2013. You can take a look at the proceedings here.
A 2nd workshop, at the context of the CLEF Question Answering Track will be organised for the 2nd BioASQ workshop. More details can be found here

You can check the challenge schedule in the BioASQ Schedule page.