BioASQ Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of some tasks of the challenge

Details about those prizes are given below.

Please note that the prizes will be awarded to the best teams. If a team participates with 4 different systems, during the calculation of the rankings only the best performance of its systems will be used.

Task Synergy

For the new BioASQ task Synergy, no prize will be awarded to the winning teams.

Task 10b

Task 10b has two (2) distinct phases. For each of the phases the amount to be awarded will be announced soon. Each phase has distinct milestones. For each one of the milestones, the participating teams ranked on the top two places will be awarded a prize.

Note that, as for this task, a team may take the 1st or 2nd place in both phases. In this case it will be awarded the total of the corresponding prizes.


The official measures for identifying the winners of the task are micro-averaged F-measure (MiF) and the Lowest Common Ancestor F-measure (LCA-F). 

More details about the amount and the distribution of the prizes for this task will be available here.