BioASQ 2019 Workshop Schedule.


Friday September 20, 2019
10:30–10:40 Welcome
10:40-10:55 Results of the seventh edition of the BioASQ Challenge
  • Anastasios Nentidis, Konstantinos Bougiatiotis, Anastasia Krithara and Georgios Paliouras
10:55–11:10 Selected approaches ranking contextual term for the BioASQ Multi-Label Classification (Task6a and 7a)
  • Bernd Müller and Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann
Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic MeSH Indexing
  • Alastair Rae, James Mork and Dina Demner-Fushman
A Mixed Information Source Approach for Biomedical Question Answering: MindLab at BioASQ 7B
  • Monica Pineda-Vargas, Andrés Rosso-Mateus, Fabio González and Manuel Montes-Y-Gómez
AUEB at BioASQ 7: Document and Snippet Retrieval
  • Dimitris Pappas, Ryan McDonald, Georgios-Ioannis Brokos and Ion Androutsopoulos 
Classification Betters Regression in Query-based Multi-document Summarisation Techniques for Question Answering
  • Diego Molla and Christopher Jones
12:10–12:25 Structured Summarization of Academic Publications
  • Alexios Gidiotis and Grigorios Tsoumakas
How to Pre-Train your model? Comparison of Different Pre-Training Models for Biomedical Question Answering
  • Sanjay Kamath, Brigitte Grau and Yue Ma
12:40–14:00 Lunch break
Invited Talk: "Recent Advances in Biomedical Question Answering"
  • Eric Nyberg, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Yes/No Question Answering in BioASQ 2019
  • Dimitris Dimitriadis and Grigorios Tsoumakas
Semantically Corroborating Neural Attention for Biomedical Question Answering
  • Marilena Oita, Vani K and Fatma Oezdemir-Zaech
Measuring Domain Portability and Error Propagation in Biomedical QA
  • Stefan Hosein, Daniel Andor and Ryan Mcdonald
UNCC Biomedical Semantic Question Answering Systems. BioASQ: Task-7B, Phase-B
  • Sai Krishna Telukuntla, Aditya Kapri and Wlodek Zadrozny
Transformer Models for Question Answering at BioASQ 2019
  • Michele Resta, Daniele Arioli, Alessandro Fagnani and Giuseppe Attardi
16:00–16:30 Coffee break
16:30–16:45 Pre-trained Language Model for Biomedical Question Answering
  • Wonjin Yoon, Jinhyuk Lee, Donghyeon Kim, Minbyul Jeong and Jaewoo Kang
16:45–17:00 Award Announcements
17:00–18:00 Panel Discussion